Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bright lights in the Dark Nights

We we're given an award from the lovely Lynda Renham Cook, can you imagine how good that makes us feel?? No, well it makes us very very happy. It actually means that someone reads this blog!

Lynda is a lovely lady who writes fantastic books that i can not recommend enough, they really are that good. They have the laugh out loud factor that we all need when the sun is taking its holiday and the cold is here. 

Make sure you visit Lynda by clicking on her name above...and buy her books on Amazon, you wont regret it.

Now this award has a few rules....

Here’s the rules:
1. Award your top 6 bloggers who have commented the most.
2. Be thankful.
3. You cannot award someone who has already been awarded. And you cannot give the award back to me.
4. Don’t forget to tell the bloggers you’ve awarded.
5. If you don’t want to pass on this award, that’s okay too. Just admire it.
6. Link back to the person from which you received it.
The Reader Appreciation Award goes to:

So we have decided to give the same award to .... drum roll please...

We love these sites...we would also like to award Lynda, but that's against the rules, so we say a huge thank you to her instead...any thank you to you for reading the things i write :) xx

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