Monday, 7 March 2011

Book of the month!

Willow and Holly are identical twins. They are everything to each other. Holly calls Willow her rock, her soul mate, her other half. And Willow feels the same about Holly. They are alike in every respect except one – Willow is afraid on the inside. And all because of a secret – one that binds the sisters closely together and yet has meant their adult lives have taken two very different paths.
Willow often feels there are large parts of her missing, qualities she only knows she’s lacking because she sees them in her sister. For a very long time Willow has felt separated from Holly by one terrible moment in time – a moment that meant Willow’s life was never the same again. And when the past catches up with her, Willow realises it’s finally time for her to face her fears, and – with Holly’s help – learn to laugh out loud once more…

I really don’t know what to write here as I want to write a lot about this book, but feel it would give 2 much away. I sat and read it without reading much about it, so was pleasantly surprised by the touch of magic in the book. The characters make you fall in love with them instantly and i am sure I will think about Willow and Chloe for a long time.  The stories Rowan write are always good but this one is touching on being in comparison with Cecelia Ahern!  The mystery and the subjects that are touched in this book will be felt by every one that reads the book.  I think there is a touch of Willow in all of us; I know I certainly connected with the character a lot, for some of her hang ups.
I won’t write much else except to say it’s a brilliant story, without all the romance set in some novels and loads of drama.  I will certainly be buying it for a couple of my friends that I know will love it.

About the Author

Rowan Coleman grew up in Hertfordshire secretly longing to be a writer despite battling with dyslexia.  After graduating from university she worked in bookselling and publishing for seven years before winning Company Magazine Young Writer of the Year in 2001.  Her first novel ‘Growing Up Twice’ was published in 2002.
Rowan has gone on to write eight novels for women including the bestseller ‘The Accidental Mother, The Baby Group’ and ‘The Accidental Wife‘ and eight novels for children and teens including the paranormal adventure novels Nearly Departed and Immortal Remains under the name Rook Hasting. Her books are published around the world. She now lives in Hertfordshire with her family.


  1. Congrats on your new blog! I look forward to hearing more. :)

  2. Sounds like a great read. I think you're right not to give too much detail away for a book like this. I may just have to check it out :)